If you want the best tennis out of your child/children, joining a squad with players of a similar standard is one of the best ways to improve their game. Taking a private lesson once a week will help their technical skills develop faster to achieve the players maximum potential. Doing a fixture program will help develop the players tactical understanding improving their overall skill level. All the above helping them towards their goals of playing for their school, or in local and state tournaments.

Green Pro Squad (Invite Only)

Juniors players aged 8 + showing potential for playing tournaments wanting to get into the state super 10’s competition. These squads run twice a week on a Wednesday 4pm to 5:30pm and a Saturday 9am to 10:30am.

These players will be looking to compete at super 10’s trials and looking to play local and state wide tournaments. Squad sessions will incorporate high level technical development, tactical awareness for match play movement drills and fitness.

Performance Squad 11+years (invite Only)

Junior Players aged 11-18 years who are serious about being tennis players. The weekly training develops technical, tactical, mental and physical skills and is supported by competition programs and Optus Junior Tour and Junior Development Series tournaments throughout the year. The highly focused team environment aims to help players reach their potential as a player, and as a person in all aspects of life.

A fitness component of each session will incorporate the physical components (coordination, speed, agility, power, balance, strength, flexibility and endurance) and carefully integrated to complement the player’s tennis development. Mental development will focus on values such as competitiveness, enthusiasm, work ethic, independence and a love of the game. Coaches will work with the players to develop their skills under pressure with intensive drills and match play situations.

2.5 Hours per session. Training twice a week.

High Performance Squad (Invite Only)

Training at Corinda Courts twice a week  5 to 7.30pm Working with top Strength & Conditioning coach for 1st hour per session, working on speed, strength, balance stopping ability changing direction flexibility and endurance.

On court for intensive drilling and match seniors technical tactical physical and mental training for players with national rankings, playing state and national tournaments. This is an invite only group, to be considered for this group please contact Director of Tennis.